DUEL is the first headset ready for both gaming and life. Designed in collaboration with famed audio pioneers AIAIAI, built for esports and modular by nature. Configure it as you like, you’ll never need another set of headphones. Play games with comfort, or hit the road with sound you deserve.
Developed in collaboration with

A story of Duality

Revealing the DUEL

Two configurations, one headset.


Fnatic Gear - Duel Headset Gaming
High quality boom mic and larger comfy earpads for the long sessions.


Fnatic Gear - Duel Headset Gaming
Lightweight on-ear pads, and portable on-cable mic, ready to take anywhere.

Modular by nature

Everything included.

1v1 with Olof

Esport Performance

Developed in collaboration with fnatic’s demanding star players

in the box!

  1. Speaker Unit ×2
  2. Headband
  3. On-Ear Earpad ×2
  4. Over-Ear Earpad ×2
  5. Boom Microphone Cable
  6. In-Line Microphone Cable
  7. Mic Splitter
  8. Drawstring Pouch

Tech Specs

Diameter 40 mm
Impedance 32 Ohm
Rated Power 30 mW
Max Power 70 mW
Magnet Type Neodymium
Resonance Frequency 75 Hz
Sound Pressure Level 117 dB
Diaphragm Material PET + Titanium

W: 180mm

H: 200mm

D: 95mm

Net Weight


Package Contents

1x Headband

2x Over-Ear Earpads

2x On-Ear Earpads

2x S02 Speaker Units

1x In-Line Microphone Cable

1x Boom Microphone Cable

1x Drawstring Pouch

1x Insert with Stickers & Manual / Instructions